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Stilll lazy
See I’m lazy but I want to beat Justin's kick but long post with a meaning. So here it goes.
Forget about the past I’ll talk about the Present and the Future.
Right this very minute I'm doing my English homework. I'm already finished the Induction questions and I and starting on the Act One review questions. I've written the date and the title. And I've just gotten a notice of the score of the Raptor's Game from my dad. They are up 2 points. YAY go Toronto! I am Listening to Jacob's version of Awake in a Dream, cuz it is sooo much more awesome than kalan's version. My desk light is on and so is my fanlight. My desk is a mess and there are 4 calendars with many days torn off them. Papers are scattered and very mumbled jumbled. I've got my nametag from the Gr. 9 day and I've got a craft from Pathfinders from like 2 years ago, and my Pathfinder scarf. There are candy wrappers and 3 jolly ranchers. I have 2 Life Brand Power pack batteries on my desk from my cd player. And I've got a bouncy ball that says Novopharm on it. It's from my mom's Pharmacy Conference this October. And when you bounce it, it makes all these spaceship and whirly sounds, it's most AWESOME. I've got a new old keyboard and a cordless mouse. I’ve got gel pens scattered around as well. A few computer games are on my shelf and my magnet board is very much covered. With a list of Canadanisms, a Washington trip brief Itinerary. and an old hockey ad. I've got 2 of my favourite soccer trophies. one from 3 seasons ago and 1 from 2 seasons ago. I've got a shelf with a Dictionary and a Thesaurus on it too. My laundry is still in its basket and I've not put it away yet.
You know what is odd. I've told Justin this, so Justin don't ruin it for everyone. I type weirdly. It's true. When typing the letter y I always type it with me left hand. Yes it is quite a reach but that's just how I do it. and also when I type the letter m I use my index finger not my middle finger. ands same with a lot of the other keys. Oh yes I know you care so much!
Future. I have a soccer game on Sunday at 8:00 pm. Soccer games usually last like 2 hours ish so I’ll get home at like 10:15 ish and then I have to take a shower and dry my hair and then go to sleep so hello 11- 12 sleep this Sunday....ah well it should be fun. First Indoor Rep Soccer Game ever. Isn't it special?
Well I read somewhere I think it was the newspaper that all the votes for president hasn't been counted? there are these screwed other votes that have to be counted. so my fingers are still crossed.
I just realized that my 4 calendars are on the wrong days 3 are on November first and the other one is on the October Thirty first. I also realized that my big calendar is like still on October. I wonder if I’ll be able to beat Justin’s entry.
I think i have i copyed and pasted my entry and his on to Word and gchanged the font and everything to be the same and mine is longer. so have fun reading this and there WILL be a quiz on this next millenium.


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